Types of Stage Lamps:

  • Flood Light
  • Linear Flood Light
  • Par Can
  • Fresnel
  • Profile Spot Light
  • Follow Spot Light
  • Other Lighting Aspects:

  • Gobos
  • Lighting Desk
  • Lighting Effects
  • Lighting is an incredibly important part of any theater operation. Simple concerts require the minimum of area lights to light up the performers' faces. Dance shows use lighting to enhance the theme of the dance, changes in music, costumes, specific formations, and more. Drama varies in how much lighting is required: just enough to catch the actors, some lighting for specific areas of the stage where the action is taking place, lights used for scene transitions, or an entire set designed with lighting. No matter what show is taking place, all lighting operators need to be aware of what is happening in the show to know what kind of lamps and accesories to use, what cues and effects to program, and when to press the Go button.