Types of Stage Lamps:

Other Lighting Aspects:


Variations of lamp listed as size of lens and /or wattage of light bulb. SAS currently has 3, 6 and 8 inch Fresnels which are 650 watt, 1000 watt and 2000 watt.

Use: Spread light in a wid e beam. Used for color washes.


  • Pan (right and left) (Twisting post on the bar clamp.)
  • Tilt (up and down) (Twisting knob on the side of the lamp’s hanging bracket.)
  • Beam size. (Twisting knob that moves light bulb closer or farther from the lens.)

Accessories available:

  • Gel / Gel frame.
  • Barn doors. Cuts the size of the beam.

Very Brief History:

The fresnel lens is unique in its design. The lens is done in steps to provide a thinner, lighter lens. It was invented because the lenses used in theaters would cause fires due to the immenseMay 26, 2005 seen on the right.